Syntyche Clarke

Syntyche (Syn) Clarke can be described using three words: fashionable, passionate and proud. A New Yorker, raised in Queens by Jamaican and Bajan parents, Syntyche has spent the better part of two decades in the entrainment and media space in New York and Kingston, working with the media heavyweights Big Yard Music, Irie Jam Radio, RMP Marketng NYC and The Bridge 99 FM. In late 2005, she launched Irie Fashion Rave, showcasing Caribbean fashion designers. A Jane of many trades, Syntyche continues to wear several hats within the industry including producer, director, promoter, radio host and entrepreneur. With an ear for music, an eye for fashion and an unwavering love of Caribbean culture, Syntyche continues to lead the call for more access, exposure and opportunity for creatives in the Caribbean and diaspora.